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Poems About Fairtrade

Winner of the 2005 Fairtrade Poem Junior Competition
Elizabeth Bradley
St Peter's Smithills Dean C of E Primary School

Fairtrade helps the people who
need more money, more from you.
If you still want bananas that are yummy,
then you'd better give more money.
By now I hope you know what to do:
remember Fairtrade is there for you!

Winner of the 2005 Fairtrade poem senior competition
Shamila Ali
Bolton Muslim Girls School

While I'm stood out here, bending my back in the scorching sun
Trying to aim correctly at the big brown sack
Trying to prevent the cocoa beans from flying here and there
And trying to keep swatting at the buzzing flies
Away from the big, brown sack, but I stop because of my aching arms.
When I get home, a strange looking man is talking to Papa,
I walk past and hear but one word - the word which has
Now brought me to this point in my life -
Now I get paid equally for the amount I trade
Now I have a life. A good life.


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