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food, chocolate, stationery, cards, ornaments, jewellery, furnishings, musical instruments and all the rest . . .
Call at 81 Knowlsey Street, Bolton BL1 2BJ or telephone 01204 363308 or email

Open from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday, with later opening at Christmas.
Justicia is the trading name of The Christian Traidshop, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee which was set up in 1985. The company exists to promote the idea and practice of fair and just trading.

The shop changed its name from The Christian Traidshop to Justicia in 1998, to emphasise its appeal to all members of the community who care about justice. The company has always been ecumenically Christian in basis and inspiration, while welcoming the contributions of all who share its concern for justice in economic dealings.


From its foundation the main purpose of the shop has been the sale of fairly traded goods. We are a founder member of BAFTS, the British Association for Fair Trade Shops, and use their list of accredited fair trade suppliers. BAFTS criteria go beyond fair prices to include social and environmental considerations and gender equality. For more information on BAFTS see www.bafts.org.uk.





Our BAFTS membership enables us to stock a wide range of fairly traded goods that are not at present eligible for the fairtrade mark, such as many foodstuffs, jewellery, ornaments, cushion covers, musical instruments etc. We also stock household goods which are environmentally friendly, and cards and stationery produced by fair trade companies such as Traidcraft and Shared Earth, for publicity and to boost their profits. These are all made with recycled paper.






The day-to-day running of the shop is in the hands of three part-time managers appointed by the Board, assisted by relief supervisors and a team of dedicated volunteers.

The shop supplies goods on a sale-or-return basis to people willing to carry fair trade into other organisations such as churches. It also runs stalls and supplies speakers at events when requested.

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